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At Muskegon Pediatrics, PLC we are committed to serving as your child's Patient Centered Medical Home.  We are pleased that you think of us first when you think of your child's healthcare needs.  We promise to partner with you to help give your child the best possible care.

What does Patient-Centered Medical Home mean?

The medical home is best described as a model of primary care that is patient-centered, and strives for excellence of care.  It is a model of health care that encourages providers and care teams to meet patients where they are, from the simplest to the most complex conditions.  The medical home model is where patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.  Providers, parents, and patients work as partners to develop trusting relationships and plan of care so that the best possible care is provided for your child.  The medical home is not a final destination, but is a model for achieving excellent primary care so that patients receive care in the right place, at the right time, and the manner that best meets the patient's needs.

As your child's Patient Centered Medical Home we promise to:

  • Provide care for short-term illnesses and long-term diseases and problems.

  • Respect you and your child's individual needs.

  • Lead and manage your child's healthcare from infancy through adolescence.

  • Handle your child's care and medical records with privacy.

  • Provide same-day appointments when your child is ill and Urgent Care access for non-emergency care when our office is closed.

  • Refer your child to community resources that fit your needs.

  • Give your child tools and support to prevent lasting health problems now and later in his/her life.

As your child's Patient Centered Medical Home we ask you to help us:

  • Call us first for all your child's healthcare needs.

  • Work with us to build and follow a plan of care for your child.

  • Let us know if your child is unable to take his/her medications, or if you are unable to follow the plan of care.

  • Inform us of any illnesses treated or medications prescribed for your child outside of our office.

  • Inform us of hospital stays, ER or urgent care visits, or care rendered by a specialist to whom we did not refer your child.

  • Tell us about your needs and concerns for your child.

  • Ask for help if you do not understand something.

  • Give us feedback so we can improve our care and services.

Let us partner with you for your child's complete care. For more information, request one of our brochures or ask one of our staff members.

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